Zippette Digital Dispensers

30 ml Zippette Digital Bottle-top DispenserA unique dispenser offering the very best in accuracy and repeatability. The Zippette Digital is a variable column bottle-top dispenser of 0-30ml capacity, with an accuracy of delivery within ±0.3% on maximum delivery and a precision better than 0.1% CV. Zippette Digital is available in two configurations. It can be used as a simple manually primed unit or, once fitted with the supplied spring, converted to a fully self-priming dispenser. The Zippette Digital has an easy-to-read LCD and is fitted with an anti-drip safety valve. Volumes are simply adjusted by turning the top knob, activating the digital LCD to the desired volume setting. Each unit is manufactured to ISO9001:2000 quality system standards and is supplied with an individual calibration certificate. Unlike other bottle-top dispensers, the Zippette Digital’s glass barrel can be disassembled from the pedestal for thorough cleaning. This also ensures that, in the unlikely event of damage, you can replace the glass barrel as a spare part rather than have to buy a new dispenser. Please note that the Zippette Digital is not supplied with a reservoir. It has a standard 30mm neck fitting and is supplied with 38, 40 and 45mm bottle neck adaptors.


30 ml Zippette Digital Bottle-top Dispenser

$667.00 (1/each)