.5-50ul Filtered Tips

15-1250ul Matrix Impact and Impact2 Comp., Filtered Pipet Tips, Clear, Sterile, RNase/DNase Free

Filter tips come in both universal fit and pipettor specific varieties.
The filter material, which creates an aerosol barrier, will not introduce any leachable contaminants.
All tips are certified RNase Free, DNase Free & Endotoxin Safe.
Items listed as sterile are processed by e-beam radiation to ensure proper sterilization.
Tips designated as UltraD are manufactured for greater sample delivery.
Conveniently packaged in bulk and racked options.

L2240.5-50ul Universal Filtered Pipet Tips, Finnpipette Comp., Clear, Sterile, RNase/DNase Free. Discontinued, no substitute96/rackClear$84.00 (960/case)