Write-On Style Bags

69 oz. Whirl-Pak® BagThe write-on Whirl-Pak® sterile bag is ideal for transporting labeled samples back to the lab. The write-on strip makes sample identification easier and virtually eliminates ink smearing with most markers. Whirl-Pak® bags feature puncture proof tabs that are fully encased in table and eliminate sharp wire ends.

33L34004 oz. Write-on Whirl-Pak® Bag3 x 7.25$94.00 (500/case)
33L34017 oz. Write-on Whirl-Pak Bag3.75 x 7$116.00 (500/case)
33L340218 oz. Write-on Whirl-Pak® Bag4.5 x 9$123.00 (500/case)
33L340324 oz. Write-on Whirl-Pak® Bag6 x 9$171.00 (500/case)
33L340455 oz. Write-on Whirl-Pak® Bag7.5 x 12$301.00 (500/case)
33L340592 oz. Write-on Whirl-Pak® Bag10 x 15$245.00 (250/case)