Autoclavable Bench Top Bags

Biohazard Bag, Bench-Top, 3.8milAutoclavable bags have one long flap to facilitate easy opening. When picking up individual pieces of waste that need to be discarded, the bag is turned inside out, over the hand, then turned right side out with waste safely inside the bag. Measures 22 x 28cm (8 1/2 x 11″). 100 per pack.

• Feature one long flap for ease in opening
• Provide a convenient, space saving, disposal unit for use in fume hoods.
• Can be used on benchtops and desks when used with the Poxygrid® desk-size bag holder (sold separately)
• Bright orange-red bags
• Made of High Molecular Weight, High-Density (HMHD) Polyethylene
• Printed with the biohazard symbol and a sterilization indicator patch that darkens when exposed to steam sterilization


Biohazard Bag, Bench-Top, 2mil

8X12$18.00 20/roll (100/case)

Bench Top Biohazard Bin   SEE IMAGE


1.5L 7 x 5 x 7"$29.00 (1/Each)

Bench Top Biohazard Bag Holder

NA$22.00 (1/Each)