50 ml Centrifuge Tubes

These 50ml polypropylene centrifuge tubes are designed for the demanding and stressful conditions encountered in today’s laboratories. These polypropylene tubes come both sterile and non sterile with HDPE screw caps and your choice of molded or printed graduations. These tubes can be spun at a maximum of 10,000 RCF and have temperature limits of -40ºC to 120ºC. Available in printed and molded graduations.


50ml PP Centrifuge Tube (29x115mm) with flat screw cap, 25/sterile foam rack. 20 racks. 500 total

Printed25/tray$114.00 (500/case)

50 ml Centrifuge Tube

Printed25/bag$108.00 (500/case)

Screw Caps