Standard Scoops

8 oz. Sterileware Scoop, RED

Sampling scoops are the perfect shape and size for taking samples, especially from wide-mouth containers. Designed to hold various capacities, the one-piece scoop is molded of white high impact polystyrene, and each is individually sterilized and sealed in a polyethylene bag. The smaller 2 oz and 4 oz sampling scoops have been improved with a longer handle that increases the distance between the hand and sample. These scoops have also been redesigned to remain upright when filled or empty allowing them to be used as weighing boats or to be placed on a flat surface. Also available in bright red which helps these scoops stand out and reduces the chance of them being accidentally left behind in a sample. Packed in 100 individually sterile wrapped.


2 oz. Sterileware Scoop

Individually WrappedWhite$133.00 (100/case)

4 oz. Sterileware Scoop

Individually WrappedWhite$175.00 (100/case)

8 oz. Sterileware Scoop

Individually WrappedWhite$234.00 (100/case)

2 oz. Sterileware Scoop, RED

Individually WrappedRed$175.00 (100/case)

4 oz. Sterileware Scoop, RED

Individually WrappedRed$191.00 (100/case)

8 oz. Sterileware Scoop, RED

Individually WrappedRed$257.00 (100/case)