13mm Opening Vails

15 x 45 Amber 13mm Screw Top Vial w/PatchSilicone/PTFE 13mm Screw Top w/Single SlitThese 12x45mm vials with an 13mm opening are excellent for long term storage. The clear vials are a Type 1 Class A (33 expansion) while the amber vials are a Type 1 Class B (for light sensitive products). They are a standard screw top opening with or without patch. Closures feature inter-seal bonding process which prevents septa fallout. They are produced with the highest quality silicone septa and elastomer products in the world with the lowest level of extractable anywhere. Packaged in packs of 100 with 10 packs per case.


04L464015 x 45 Clear 13mm Screw Top Vial10 packs/case$15.00 (100/pack)
04L464115 x 45 Clear 13 mm Screw Top Vial w/Patch10 packs/case$16.50 (100/pack)


04L464215 x 45 Amber 13mm Screw Top Vial10 packs/case$12.50 (100/pack)
04L464315 x 45 Amber 13mm Screw Top Vial w/Patch10 packs/case$14.50 (100/pack)


06L4686Silicone/PTFE 13mm Screw Top10 packs/caseBlack$21.00 (100/pack)
06L4687Silicone/PTFE 13mm Screw Top w/Single Slit10 packs/caseBlack$24.00 (100/pack)