Bench pH Meters

OHAUS benchtop electrochemistry products include pH and conductivity meters that can also test for salinity, TDS, and ORP. The Starter Series of benchtop meters includes a wide breadth of products from basic level meters that offer high performance at a great value to premium performance products that have extended and advanced functionality.

• Intuitive Software Powers the Starter Series—Intuitive software and a well organized LCD display work in tandem to make operating the Starter Series a simple and straightforward task.

• Functional Design Assists with Ease-of-Use—With five clearly marked input
keys and built-in or standalone electrode holders, operating the Starter bench meters and obtaining your measurements is an easy process.

• Reliable Calibration Results in Accurate Measurement—Starter tracks the accuracy of the calibration process right on the display so you can measure with peace-of-mind knowing your results will be highly precise.


Aquasearcher a-AB23PH-F Bench pH Meter with Electrode & Holder

$440.00 (1/ea)

pH Bench Meter ST2200 -F with built-in Electrode Holder & Electrode

$365.00 (1/ea)

Aquasearcher a-AB33PH-F Bench pH Meter with Electrode and Holder

$625.00 (1/ea)