Powerpette™ Pro Pipet Aids

Powerpette® Pro Spare Bench StandThe latest addition to the Powerpette® family of pipette controllers, the Powerpette® Pro fits the hand comfortably with the pipette holder at an angel ideal for use within a laminar flow or microbiological safety cabinet. The Powerpette® Pro pipette controller delivers efficient performance with a powerful yet quiet motor to speed up large volume pipetting. The Powerpette’s mode selection switch enables selection of high or low modes both allowing variable aspirate and dispense speeds (with blow out). The gravity dispense mode is designed for use with ‘To Deliver’ (TD) pipettes. The speed of suction and dispensing is controlled through the concave finger triggers, designed to provide a comfortable and positive grip and to require the minimum effort.


Powerpette® Pro Pipette Controller

White$374.00 (1/each)



Powerpette® Pro Spare Bench Stand

$10.00 (1/each)