Digitrate Pro Dispensers

50 ml Digitrate Pro Digital BuretteThe streamlined Digitrate Pro digital burette, delivers accurate, precise and convenient bottle-top titration. A new safety pedestal valve allows the Digitrate Pro fluid path to be turned off manually to prevent accidental delivery. Its right-angled spout is also designed to enhance safety in use. Digitrate’s robust outer casing does not move during the priming or dispensing sequences whilst its PTFE plunger and borosilicate glass barrel allows dispensing of aqueous solutions and some aggressive liquids. Digitrate Pro is powered by a 3.6V lithium battery giving a minimum life of 60,000 three-minute titrations. Automatic low battery voltage is indicated on the large easy-to-read LCD window. Digitrate’s liquid-path parts are easily disassembled for sterilization or autoclaving at 121ºC, 2 bar. Each Digitrate pro is manufactured to ISO9001:2000. A calibrations certificate complete with the unit’s serial number is supplied with each unit. Each units has a standard 30mm neck fitting and is supplied with 33, 38 and 45mm bottle neck adaptors.


30 ml Digitrate Pro Digital Burette

$914.00 (1/each)

50 ml Digitrate Pro Digital Burette

$914.00 (1/each)