Biohit ePET® Single Channel Pipettors

100-5000 µl Variable Volume PipettorThe ePET® single channel electronic pipettors offer a cost-effective electronic pipetting alternative by using a direct charging system, which requires no charging stand while providing all the most important liquid handling operations of pipetting, multi-dispensing, diluting and mixing. They cover a wide volume range and have feather-touch action to reduce hand fatigue. A simple keypad design allows easy, error-free selection of liquid handling modes. Each pipettor is supplied with a QC and calibration certificate, full instructions and is manufactured according to ISO 9001. A stand for a single ePET® pipettors and a carousel for 5 ePET® pipettors are available.


100-5000 µl Variable Volume Pipettor

$886.00 (1/each)