Biohit eLINE® Single Channel Pipettors

Biohit eLINE® 4 Place Charging StandThe eLINE® electronic pipettor offers the latest in technology in liquid handling. The ejector collar and tip cone can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance and the tip cone materials provide excellent chemical resistance. The eLINE® also includes tip ejection buttons for left and right handed operation. It also has no fewer than 11 modes, including forward pipetting with optional cycle counter, reverse and manual pipetting modes, multi-dispensing, diluting, automated timed dispensing, mixing programs, speed control of aspiration and dispense. To ensure accuracy and precision these pipettors are individually calibrated and supplied with a quality control certificate. The Biohit eLINE® pipettor charging stands are available separately in 1-place or 4-place options. The 4-place carousel has a rotating head for easy access to the desired unit. The charging time for completely discharged batteries is 4 hours.



Biohit eLINE® 1 Place Charging Stand with Adaptor

$611.00 (1/each)

Biohit eLINE® 4 Place Charging Stand

$1,214.00 (1/each)